NF Global Limited complies with the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993 and recognises the importance of safeguarding your personal and financial information. As an institution offering financial services, we need to collect, hold and use personal information about you in the course of providing our products and services. This Privacy Policy sets out how we will collect, use and protect your personal information but it does not limit or exclude any of your rights under the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993. If you wish to seek further information on the Act, see We may change this policy by uploading a revised policy onto the website. Any change will apply from the date that we upload the revised policy.

Who do we collect your personal information from

We collect personal information about you from you directly. You provide that personal information to us through the registration or the subscription process, through any contact with us or when you use our services.

How we use your personal information

Any purpose for which we collect and use your personal information is authorized by the New Zealand Privacy act 1993. We will use your personal information to verify your identity, to provide services to you, to respond to communication from you, to improve the services that we provide to you, to protect and /or enforce our legal rights and interests (including defending any claim) and for any other further purpose authorized by you.

Confidentiality of your information

If you are a customer of ours, the section on confidentiality of your information in the relevant NF Global Limited terms and conditions will apply. If you are not a customer of ours, we collect, hold and use information about you for the purposes for which you provided it. Your personal information (as defined in the Privacy Act 1993) is collected and held by NF Global Limited at Level 8, 48 Emily Place, Auckland. You do not have to provide us with information we request, though it may affect which products or services we can provide you with.

Accessing and correcting your personal information

Subject to certain grounds for refusal set out in the Privacy Act 1993, you have the right to access your readily retrievable personal information that we hold and to request a correction to your personal information. Before you exercise this right, we will need evidence to confirm that you are the individual to whom the personal information relates. In respect of a request for correction, if we think the correction is reasonable and we are reasonably able to change the personal information, we will make the correction. If we do not make the correction, we will take reasonable steps to note on the personal information that you requested the correction. If you want to exercise either of the above rights, email us at the email address you find below. Your email should provide evidence of who you are and set out the details of your request (e.g. the personal information, or the correction, that you are requesting).

Internet use and cookies

We use technology in order to offer you the most convenient, secure and relevant services. An example of the technology that we use is a “cookie”. We use Cookies (an alphanumeric identifier transfer to your computer’s hard drive so that we can recognize your browser) to monitor your use of the website. Your browser stores cookies on your computer when you visit certain websites. Every time you visit a website that has issued a cookie to your computer, your browser sends the data that it has stored in that cookie back to the website’s server. We use cookies for a number of purposes, including to maintain the secure connection between your browser and our servers while you are using our secure website. These cookies can be identified as being issued from the website domain You may be able to configure your browser to notify you when you are offered a cookie and decide whether or not to accept it. You may choose not to accept cookies when browsing our website. However, you may be unable to log on to our secure services without accepting the cookies outlined above.

Disclosing your personal information

NF Global Limited does not ordinarily disclose personal information to overseas recipients. Personal information will only be disclosed by us to overseas recipients in accordance with law such as if the disclosure is required by UK law.

Protecting your personal information

We will take reasonable steps to keep your personal information safe from loss, unauthorised activity or other misuse.


If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, receive communications purporting to be connected with us that you believe have been sent to you other than in accordance with this Privacy Policy, or would like to complain about a breach of your privacy, please contact our service team (see “Contact us” section below). Our staff are prepared to address any concerns you may have about our handling of personal information. We will take steps to assess and handle your query and complaint within a reasonable period after we receive your request. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of this procedure or we have not responded to you within a reasonable period then you may contact the New Zealand Privacy

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